Highlighting David Krejcí

How are we doing today people?!

We’ve made it to day 46 in the countdown. We are highlighting David Krejcí, as today’s hockey fix!

Selected 63rd OA by the Boston Bruins in the ’04 draft, Krejcí would go on to be one of the top players on the Bruins today! In his time in the NHL, Krejcí had played over 13 seasons with the Bruins, and was part of the ’11 #StanleyCup winning team!


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Being one of the biggest contributors to the boys lifting the ultimate trophy with: (12G/11A/23P in 25GP,) with 10/12 goals being at even strength! Although Krejcí has suffered from injuries in his time here, he still manages to be one of the top offensive players that power this high scoring Bruins train! Not only does he produces offensively he doesn’t hesitate to put the body out there either, whether it’s blocking shots (475,) or laying out hits along the boards (620,) David Krejcí does it all! Truthfully not talked about enough, but Krejcí has some of the filthiest hands in the league!

My favorite goal by Krejcí was against Tampa, I believe it was the ’11 season, Lucic sends a bullet right in front the crease, to Krejcí who has to catch it with the backhand, so because it’s coming in so fucking hot it natural rides up the blade like a ramp and Krejcí flips it off, as Roloson dives for the puck, Krejcí gains control and just dekes to the left and backhands it pass Roloson who is sprawled out mid flail!

It was a tough game 7 lose this past season for the B’s but they have the talent to go right back and as long as Krejcí stays healthy, he’ll bring the magic, with those silky mits! His current career stats are: (194G/449A/643P in 850GP)

What’s your favorite Krejcí moment?